Because being "liked" by your "friends" is nice, but getting real beer from real friends is better.

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Stay Connected During All Of Life's Moments

BeerGram is a free app to share and really connect during all of life's moments: the good days, bad days or just because days. Now you can treat a friend, or be treated, to a cold pint and share your day over a beer even when distance or a busy schedule means you can't be there in person.

A Modern Take on An Age Old Tradition

  • Discover Beer

    Find craft beer around you or discover something new based on a friend's review!

  • Meet People

    Use public check-ins to make new friends and allow anyone to surprise you with your favorite brew!

  • Collect Favorites

    Experiencing a great new location or a double IPA that hops your mind? Share, save and store those moments.

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Send a BeerGram to celebrate a new job, to thank a friend for helping you move or send one just because.

Get BeerGram
Available for iPhone